Friday, 15 August 2014

Ferragosto and water balloon during the day

Water ballon in Ferragosto
I wish you all a Happy Ferragosto and remember its origin: from the Latin "feriae Augusti" (rest of Augustus) and indicates a feast instituted by the Emperor Augustus in 8 A.C. that was to add to the existing and ancient holidays falling in the same month.
The popular tradition of the trip instead of Ferragosto was born during the Fascist period and in recent years has established the tradition to get the water balloon during the day for happiness.
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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Sculpt the happy days on the stones of life

The waves erase the words on sand
I want to try to make a reflections on the life that is made of happy moments and difficult days to deal with grit and determination.
In fact, I think that if we learn to write our hurts in the sand, where the winds and waves of forgiveness can erase the all that is sad and unfortunate we can overcome, but remember to engrave on the stones our joys, where nothing and no one will eliminate every now and come back to affect them and again sculpt something positive.
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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Live the adventure of life

Live the adventure of life
Let's try to make some reflections about the adventure of life.
Death, is the only adventure that I will never tell, but for the rest of his life is an adventure, it can also happen to get lost.
This will not happen, if every time we stop to look at where we are and we study the next location.
If, in diving in the open sea of life, we happen to lose direction, let us go and face everything with courage.
Only then we will come out stronger and more winners.
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Saturday, 2 August 2014

The look of husband, wife and children

The look of Theresia
Many times the climate in our families become stormy with several clouds of anger that are raised in our day.
Winds of rigid impositions on children and rumble of thunder roaring protests.
Then comes the usual hail of words ice, frustrating every patient education, ruining the shoots of the relationship between parents and children, up to spoil the peace between husband and wife.
What is most worrying is the continuing bad weather.
At times it.s better to look at the sky, study it in a hurry and run for cover, knowing that each of us is also heaven for others.
I look a wife, I look a children and their sky, as deep, it takes us eye.
All of them are immersed: live it, day after day, and it is processed and it is mutual.
With our eyes, we are the sculptors of other people and share responsibility for the beauty of those around us.
We have an enormous power to look creative, able to shape the profile of one who gives us confident his heart.
Change the look to the children or a spouse mean really see it better.
It's difficult, upsetting and sometimes painful, but this can transform lives and bring back the good weather.
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